Multifamily Program

Multi-home dwellings

Program summary

The Efficiency Works Multifamily program can identify potential energy efficiency opportunities and qualifying rebates so you and your tenants can save money on utility bills. Not only will participating help keep your tenants satisfied, but you’ll also add value to your property!

Our energy advisers are available to complete facility assessments, review project bids, plan future projects in common property spaces and install efficiency items in residential units.

Program guidelines will determine specific rebates and incentives available for each property.
Multifamily Program Application

Three simple steps to saving

Step 1 - Free energy assessment

An energy adviser will conduct a free, no-obligation assessment of your building’s energy systems. Afterwards, they will provide a report outlining your biggest energy-saving opportunities and the associated rebates available through the program.

Step 2 - Free direct installation

After your energy assessment, it’s time to schedule your free direct installation of energy-saving products.

Step 3 - Rebates for efficiency projects in your building

Based on your energy assessment, you may be eligible for rebates by completing energy-efficient equipment upgrades. Your energy adviser will help guide you through the project and submit the paperwork necessary to receive your rebate.

If your multifamily building has more than five units, please contact 877-334-2681 to learn about program offerings and incentives.

If your multifamily building has less than five units, please contact the Efficiency Works Homes program at 970-229-5650 to learn about incentive programs.