Building Tune-up

The Efficiency Works Building Tune-up program is designed to optimize and enhance your building's existing HVAC systems. Building Tune-up offers services from enhanced maintenance for standard rooftop units to full retrocommissioning (RCx) on facilities with building automation systems. Start optimizing your facility's heating and cooling performance today.

All work must be completed by an authorized Performance Plus or Retrocommissioning service provider - as listed on the Find a service provider page. The Building Tune-up program does not offer incentives for new HVAC equipment. Incentives for retrofitting existing HVAC equipment to improve efficiency can be found on the Rebates for business page.

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A path for every building

Building Tune-up offers a path for every building: Performance Plus, Retrocommissioning Light, and Retrocommissioning Full to optimize HVAC performance, reduce operation and maintenance costs, and improve occupant comfort. Explore high level overviews of the paths in the Building Tune-Up program overview and when you’re ready more in-depth program information can be found below.

Performance Plus
Performance Plus

Partnering with local HVAC service providers to improve commercial HVAC performance through enhanced maintenance.


Expert building analysis of building automation systems, retrocommissioning services and energy optimization to help lower energy costs from HVAC systems.

Listed service providers
Listed service providers

Ready to move forward with a Building Tune-up path? Find a listed service provider to get started.

Energy advising

Unsure of where to start or which energy efficiency program is best for you? Our efficiency experts are available to help every step of the way. To learn more about how our energy advisors can help you develop an efficiency plan for your facility, on our Advising and Assessments page.

Become a service provider

If you are a contractor that provides routine HVAC equipment maintenance or a company that provides retrocommissioning services and want to become an authorized service provider for this program, review requirements and complete the application on our Become a service provider page.

Questions about the Building Tune-up program?

Please contact the Building Tune-up program team at [email protected] or 303.214.3216 to learn more about the Performance Plus and Retrocommissioning programs and how to participate.