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Energy Advising

Efficiency Works Business offers free energy advising to businesses. We can talk about potential opportunities and benefits that efficiency upgrades can provide to your business, review project bids, or discuss ways to plan our future projects after receiving an assessment. Energy advising is required for projects that have a rebate pre-approved over $10,000 and on a case-by-case basis. Contact an Efficiency Works Business team member today to see what is recommended for your business.

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Efficiency Works Business program also offers customers FREE facility assessments to identify opportunities that reduce operating costs and environmental impacts by analyzing existing building systems and equipment.

We recommend businesses take advantage of this free assessment if they are generally interested in saving energy, water, and money – and do not have a specific efficiency project in mind. The assessment will identify efficiency opportunities and potential projects that can be implemented now or in the future. There is no obligation to complete an efficiency project after receiving the assessment report.

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Building Tune-Up

Some building systems are just in need of a tune up instead of full equipment replacement. Efficiency Works offers a Building Tune-Up program that provides funding for building retrocommissioning.

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