Fleet electrification

Efficiency Works Business offers versatile support and solutions for commercial fleet electrification. Our goal is to provide high-quality customizable information for customers exploring the transition to electric vehicles focusing on financial and environmental impacts which will help customers make informed and actionable decisions about the future of their fleets.

We encourage commercial fleet customers to explore our offerings in addition to the state and federal funding opportunities below. Try our free EV Fleet Planner tool and enter your basic fleet details to learn about potential cost of ownership and emissions impact. Commercial electric customers of Estes Park Power and Communications, Fort Collins Utilities, Longmont Power & Communications or Loveland Water and Power may be eligible to receive incentives to help cover the cost of a more in-depth fleet electrification study performed by a listed Efficiency Works service provider. Check out the steps to participate below.

EV being charged

Step 1

EV Fleet
Planner tool

Going electric starts with understanding your needs. Utilize this free online tool to learn about potential cost of ownership, emissions impact and much more.

Step 2

Begin an in-depth fleet
electrification study

Need a more comprehensive analysis of your fleet before you electrify? Connect with a listed Fleet Electrification Study service provider and explore your possibilities.

Step 3

Complete the study with your listed service provider

Incentives may be available to offset some or all of the cost of the study. Amounts are based on customer fleet makeup. See eligibility and incentive details in the program guide.

Become a Fleet Electrification Study service provider

The Fleet Electrification Study Program utilizes approved third-party vendors known as listed service providers. Participating vendors must apply to be a listed Efficiency Works service provider and demonstrate prior fleet assessment experience to have the fleet electrification specialty. Non-listed vendors are ineligible to participate in the fleet electrification study program. Check out the Fleet Electrification Study Program guide to learn more about requirements for applying for study incentives on behalf of your customers.

Questions about our fleet offerings?

Contact the Efficiency Works Business team at [email protected] or 970-229-4823