Rebates for businesses

Have a project in mind that would make your business more energy efficient? Efficiency Works provides rebates for virtually anything that saves electricity. Any commercial electric customer of Estes Park Power and Communications, Fort Collins Utilities, Longmont Power & Communications or Loveland Water and Power is eligible to participate in our efficiency programs. The Efficiency Works Business program also administers commercial water rebates to Fort Collins Utilities, City of Longmont and Loveland Water and Power water customers.

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Rebates for businesses

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To estimate your rebates, click “see incentives” below your rebate category. For projects with incentive greater than $10,000 and those that include the Community Efficiency Grant, preapproval is required. Ready to apply for rebates? Click the applicable rebate below to get started.

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  • Electric efficiency incentives are available to commercial electric customers of Estes Park Power and Communications, Fort Collins Utilities, Longmont Power & Communications or Loveland Water and Power.
  • Water efficiency incentives are available to commercial water customers of Fort Collins Utilities, City of Longmont or Loveland Water and Power.
  • Funds for incentives are subject to availability. Program requirements including incentive levels and limits are subject to change without advanced notice and may vary by utility.
  • Total incentive amounts over $10,000 require pre-approval before efficiency upgrades begin.
  • Total incentives are limited to 100% of a project total upgrade cost.
  • Efficiency Works Business maximum incentive limits will apply per project and customer per calendar year.
  • To receive an incentive, the following must be submitted with your completed application:
    • Attach a project invoice listing equipment installed
    • Attach a W9 for the entity being paid
    • Agree to and submit the program Terms and Conditions
  • Pre-approval is required for:
    • All projects with rebates over $10,000
    • All new construction projects
    • All VFD projects
    • All custom projects

Lighting and VFDs
Lighting and VFDs

Can't miss rebate savings are available for many types of lighting retrofits for LED fixtures, lighting controls and VFDs.

Electric  Vehicle
EV charging infrastructure

To help build out public Level 2 charging infrastructure at local businesses and multifamily properties, incentives are available to help offset installation costs.

Food service
Food service

To support commercial kitchens, rebates are available for new efficient electric appliances including fryers, griddles and demand control kitchen ventilation systems.


From easy upgrades like strip curtains and new gaskets to more complex grocery controls, rebates are available to help optimize grocery equipment.

Office and appliance

Rebates are available for ENERGY STAR appliances like washing machines and dishwashers to support efficient purchasing decisions.


Upgrading insulation and windows can help cut cooling costs. Rebates help offset the upfront costs of these upgrades.


Adding a few upgrades to existing cooling equipment can reduce operating and maintenance costs. Rebates are available for things like advanced RTU controllers, adding VFDs, and programmable thermostats.


Reduce water use with ENERGY STAR and WaterSense appliances such as efficient toilets and washing machines. Rebates help offset the upfront costs of these upgrades.


Our Business program offers a rebate for virtually anything that saves electricity. Our engineers will work with you to determine if your project qualifies for rebates.

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New construction
New construction

Our team is ready to assist with efficiency incentives on new construction or major renovation projects for your business.

Detailed program specifications can be found in the Efficiency Works Business Program Guide

Community Efficiency Grant

The Community Efficiency Grant is available to non-profit businesses and multifamily properties that serve our local income qualified community. The grant provides an additional 1.5 times the standard Efficiency Works Business rebate offering to cover up to 100% of an efficiency upgrade completed before November 15, 2023.

To receive grant funds, a business or multifamily property that serves the income qualified community must do the following:

  • Meet one or more eligibility requirements listed on the grant application
  • Complete the Efficiency Works Business rebate and grant applications
  • Submit both applications for pre-approval of funds
  • Complete efficiency upgrades and submit for payment
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