Assess Your Home's Efficiency

Homeowners are required to have an efficiency assessment completed before being eligible for rebates. This requirement is waived for window installation and HVAC upgrades including replacement of a furnace, AC, boiler, whole house fan, whole house mechanical ventilation system, and/or water heater.

There are many benefits to completing an efficiency assessment at your home. You will receive a full report with photographs showing areas of improvement, along with a cost estimate for completing those improvements. The assessment report is a home efficiency guide that homeowners can use to map out efficiency upgrades now or for the future.

Efficiency assessments cost $60 (a $500 value) and include:

  • Visual inspection of your whole house.
  • Blower door test
  • Infrared camera scan
  • FREE energy and water saving products*, such as, LED bulbs, faucet aerators, high efficiency shower heads, and more

*Based on availability of inventory


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