Rebates for your home

Looking for ways to make your home more energy efficient or increase your overall comfort?

Efficiency Works Homes offers homeowners and renters rebates for efficiency upgrades big or small. Rebates are offered on everything from heat pumps to smart thermostats and air purifiers. Learn more about eligibility requirements and the different types of rebate offerings below.

All retrofit upgrades must be installed by a participating service provider. Find a participating service provider.

Retrofit rebates

Are you looking to make major upgrades to increase the comfort and efficiency of your home? Efficiency Works offers competitive rebates on HVAC upgrades, insulation, air sealing, and windows. Click the link below to learn more about rebates and eligibility requirements. All upgrades must be installed by a participating service provider.

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Eligible customers can get instant rebates on smart thermostats, advanced power strips, efficient water products and more

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Retail products rebates

Efficiency Works and our partner utilities offer post-purchase rebates on various energy and water efficient products purchased at local and online retailers.

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Retail products rebates

Retail products
Retail products*

Rebates for your DIY projects: smart thermostats, air purifiers, induction ranges/cooktops, even heat pump water heaters, plus washing machines and efficient irrigation equipment.

Medify air
Efficiency Works Store

Eligible customers can get instant rebates on smart thermostats, air purifiers, advanced power strips, showerheads and more.

You can even take advantage of manufacturer promotions on top of your instant rebate!

Appliance recycling
Appliance recycling

Efficiency Works offers incentives for recycling old, working refrigerators and freezers.

To learn more about this program offering, and what options you have for recycling your refrigerator or freezer, please click on the button below.

*Rebate applications required to be submitted within 45 days of purchase/installation. Used/refurbished equipment does not qualify for rebates.

Retrofit rebates

HVAC systems
HVAC systems**

Need to upgrade your HVAC or water heating system? Efficient HVAC systems can save you money on your utility bills and make your home more comfortable.

Windows and doors**

Inefficient windows can decrease your comfort and increase your utility costs. We offer rebates on windows that meet Northern Climate Energy Star® specifications.

Insulation and air sealing
Insulation and air sealing**

Increase comfort by air sealing the home's envelope and increasing insulation.

**Upgrades must be installed by a participating service provider. Homeowner installed/”do it yourself” improvements do not qualify for rebates.

View program terms and conditions in English or Spanish.

Retrofit rebates

Get rebates on retrofit projects in three easy steps.

Step 1

Verify eligibility and schedule your assessment

Rebates are available to single family detached homes, attached townhomes or multifamily units (4 or fewer units per building) in our utility partner territories. Get a home assessment to learn what upgrades might be best for your home.

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Step 2

Find an approved
service provider

To qualify for rebates, your upgrades must be performed by a participating service provider. You will not receive a rebate if you do not use a participating service provider to install your upgrades.

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Step 3

Upgrade your home and
get your rebate(s)!

We make getting your rebate easy! Once your upgrade is complete, we take care of your rebate through your service provider!

Income qualified program

Qualified renters and single-family home owners can participate in Efficiency Work's CARE program.

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5 or more units per building

Property owners or managers of multifamily complexes with 5 or more residential units per building and a commercial meter may be eligible for the Efficiency Works Multifamily program and commercial incentives

Fewer than 5 units per building

Properties with fewer than 5 residential units per building or individual tenants may be eligible for the Efficiency Works Homes programs. See programs above for eligibility requirements and available incentives.