Summary of style guide

This page provides a summary of the visual elements that represent the Efficiency Works brand. These standards are designed to ensure accurate, consistent and responsible use of these components and thereby help Efficiency Works maintain a strong brand identity.

Efficiency Works follows the Associated Press Stylebook for all brand-related communication, collateral and digital engagement, which includes using sentence case for all publications. For a comprehensive guide on the Efficiency Works brand, including how to properly use the Efficiency Works logo, fonts and colors, please view the full style guide.


Any materials created by a third-party or external partner must be reviewed by the Efficiency Works brand manager for approval prior to being produced and distributed. Contact us


The horizontal and vertical logos shown below are the official logos for use on branded materials. Other versions of the Efficiency Works logo (Business, Homes, etc.) can be downloaded in the assets section below.

EW Logos


For consistent use across various software and computer systems, the Arial font family has been selected for internal and email use. This is a standard font that is readily available on most computers. For official communications and professionally designed collateral, the font family Helvetica Neue was established.



Beyond Efficiency Works’ logo, color is the most recognizable aspect of the brand identity. Using color appropriately is one of the easiest ways to make sure Efficiency Works’ materials reflect a cohesive brand.


It is important to maintain a sense of hierarchy, balance and harmony when using the Efficiency Works color palette. Designs should be limited to the primary brand colors if possible.

SPOT: 7546C
CMYK: 73/45/24/66
RGB: 37/55/70
HEX: #253746
SPOT: 312C
CMYK: 88/0/11/0
RGB: 0/169/206
HEX: #00a9ce
CMYK: 11/4/4/0
RGB: 214/223/227
HEX: #d6dfe3


SPOT: 1235C
CMYK: 0/31/98/0
RGB: 255/184/28
HEX: #ffb81c
SPOT: 718C
CMYK: 0/74/100/8
RGB: 190/77/0
HEX: #be4d00


SPOT: 367C
CMYK: 41/0/68/0
RGB: 164/214/94
HEX: #a4d65e
SPOT: 7472C
CMYK: 54/0/27/0
RGB: 92/184/178
HEX: #5cb8b2
Accent colors should only be used sparingly, preferably after use of the primary and secondary colors.

Download brand assets

The following assets are available for use in the creation of approved Efficiency Works materials. Anyone outside Efficiency Works must contact the Efficiency Works brand manager for approval prior to being producing and distributing work.

Full style guide (PDF)

Efficiency Works’ style guide includes comprehensive information on brand elements and materials.

Download View
Brand Summary Card

Brand summary card (PDF)

The brand summary card is an abridged version of the style guide with basic information on the logo, typography, and colors.

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Logo file types

Logo files

The logo files include versions for print and web use in horizontal and vertical formats. Logos have been included as separate download files for official Efficiency Works branded materials in addition to Homes and Business programs.

Download Efficiency Works official logos Download Efficiency Works Homes logos Download Efficiency Works Business logos