News > Spring has sprung: has your sprinkler system?

Don't waste water at your home or business

It’s time to check the sprinkler system at your home or business. Ensuring your system is optimized and ready to go for summer can save you the hassle of emergency repairs and expensive water bills. Consider the following tips to save energy, water and money when caring for your lawn:

  1. Water only when your lawn needs it – install a WaterSense-labeled irrigation controller to avoid watering when it’s not needed. Efficiency Works offers up to a $50 rebate on WaterSense controllers – visit or apply for your rebate after purchase at
  2. Water during the coolest parts of the day – watering in the morning reduces evaporation.
  3. Make sure sprinklers are not spraying into parking lots or driveways – this wastes water!
  4. Check for and fix leaks and broken sprinkler heads – a broken head can waste 25,000 gallons of water in six months.

Along with energy efficiency services, Efficiency Works also offers rebates on many water-saving products for your home or business. To learn more, visit

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